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Gordon Ramsay divides fans over new ‘monster’ burger that’s ‘too big’ to eat

Gordon Ramsay’s twist on a classic burger recipe has divided fans as some say it’s just too big to sink their teeth into.

The 54-year-old TV chef unveiled the new burger with his 12.2 million followers on Instagram.

Dubbed the “Onion Tatin Burger”, Gordon captioned the video: “Looking for the perfect #Burger recipe for the long weekend? Apple Butter Basted and a bun to wow… this recipe is it.”

The video, which has been viewed more than 2.2 million times, sees the burger being constructed from start to finish.

Butter and sugar is added to a pan along with molasses and apple cider.

Once the sauce has a thick, sticky consistency, sliced onion and apple are added to the apple cider vinegar caramel before a layer of puff pastry brushed with melted butter is added to the top.

Then it’s time to make the burger.

Chuck and sirloin are combined along with granulated garlic and apple butter.

The burger patty is formed and placed in an oiled pan along with some apple butter.

A slice of camembert is added to the burger and covered with a lid until it’s all melted and gooey.

Once it’s pulled from the pan, it’s time to assemble.

To a slate plate, the puff pastry ‘bun’ is added, then the burger, lettuce, tomato and the pastry lid.

The monster-sized burger was served with a generous serving of chip and tomato ketchup.

But whilst a few people praised Gordon for the dish, others were shocked by the sheer size of it.

One person said: “Try taking a bite,” as another wrote: “Didn’t you complain about burgers being too big to fit in your mouth on an episode of Hell’s Kitchen? Then you make this monster.”

A third asked: “Is it me, or it that waaayyy too much meat proportionally?”

And: “It’s too bloody big Gordon!!!” wrote another fan.

Whereas someone else said: “Is that a delicious way to dislocate your jaw?”

And one person said: “This is a Friday vibe. Yes. I think so.”