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Man builds ‘swanky’ nightclub in basement – complete with bar made from chimney

It’s no secret that we’ve spent more time in our own homes over the last year than ever before. So, understandably many people have spent that time investing in their homes and making sure they’re a great place to be.

Some people have installed hot tubs in their back gardens, others have had a dab hand sprucing their homes up with a lick of new paint and some upcycling.

One man, on the other hand, has taken lockdown home upgrading to a whole new level, by building a full-scale nightclub in the basement of his own home, and it’s super fancy.

John, who goes by the name of spaghettiinmygymbag on TikTok, has been busy completely digging out the basement of his house and renovating it into a nightclub – complete with soundproof walls and a bar made from the chimney.

He began by digging out the floor, and lowing the depth of the basement by a whopping 19 inches, creating much higher ceilings and giving the room a far bigger feeling in the process.

John then moved onto soundproofing the walls, by filling them with closed cell foam, so that none of the neighbours complain about the loud music which will be blasting out of the DIY club.

Then, he ordered in a load of extremely thick drywall, “in case knuckle heads try to punch through the walls,” which kind of leaves us questioning who he’s planning to invite to his home club.

Anyway, John managed to create a sleek brick bar by cleverly building on the chimney which he had pulled out earlier in the renovation process.

Finally, he completed the club by pouring down different coloured metallic paints on the ground and mixing them together to create a stunning marble effect, and finishing it off with gloss.

Now, the nightclub has just a few finishing touches to be made before John opens it up to revellers – fancy inviting us round for a boogie?